Steve Gobern

Steve Gobern

Regional Sales Manager

Steve started out his career in technology from the early 2000s.  He has worked for a few professional/consumer electronics manufacturers with various roles in technical sales. Steve spent a large portion of his career at an industry leader in remote control technology where he acquired his expertise in automation.

Steve joined Sapphire Marketing as a Regional Sales Manager in September 2018 covering the entire New York territory. His primary focus is supporting residential partners from a business development standpoint. Steve's extensive experience with technology in the CEDIA industry and pre-existing relationships are a huge asset to Sapphire Marketing and its partners.

Steve originally started his journey in the music technology industry and is a certified audio/recording engineer by trade. From there, he honed his ability to be creative in tandem with being analytical which greatly contributed to his steady incline throughout his career.  Steve's client-centric mindset paired with  "treat others how you want to be treated" mantra makes him revered within the A/V community.  

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